STONEBridge Group is a Tulsa based professional construction consulting firm offering a menu of services ranging from Owner Representation to Project Management. Established in 2000, Stonebridge’s customer base was originally comprised primarily of the Donald W.Reynolds Foundation Capital Grants Program. While continuing this strong relationship with the Reynolds Foundation, Stonebridge has expanded their customer base to include a wide range of clients in providing consulting services on various projects throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and U. S. Virgin Islands.


Stonebridge’s role on any project is to represent and assist the owner by coordinating and communicating the entire process from pre-design through completion. Our project organizational structure is custom designed to fit each project. While a single project manager would be provided on a small project,a large project may be staffed by a team working under the direction of a lead project manager working with the owner. The lead project manager would establish the project organization and assign team personnel to provide all needed support.


Stonebridge's history has revealed that the sooner the construction analysis process begins, the smoother the actual construction proceeds and with far fewer unanticipated/unexpected complications. When non-competitive long lead materials and equipment are identified during design,acceptable options are easily accessed. Identifying acceptable options during design, results in more competitive bid results.


Stonebridge Group Native is a Native American Owned Tulsa, Oklahoma based professional construction consulting firm offering Owner Representation to Project Management specialized for Indian Country business interests. Established in 2014.